Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


CDBaby has already notified me that it's time to upload yet another Jim Shelley & Book of Kills albums. As I mentioned not too long ago, the next one is going to be (most likely) another entry in the BIG BUSINESS MONKEY series...number six, I believe. (#5 is only available on BandCamp.) Finding the time to work on compiling this collection will be iffy, but I already have six or seven tracks more or less ready. I'd like to have around 12-14 total songs on this one. 

On this day in 1994, Book of Kills (me, Brian Temples, Dusty Bugg, and George Finch) played only their third gig ever at the now-defunct Joker's in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Joker's was a pretty cool venue that featured a number of semi-famous musicians during its relatively brief existence. For instance, on this night we shared the bill with former SST/Shimmy Disc recording artist Roger Manning, who for a time was on the leading edge of the late '80s "anti-folk" movement. Roger was quite enamored with our music and was very complimentary in his praise to me after our set. By the way, Joker's closed after this last blow-out. If I remember correctly, things got rather weird that night.

The set list: Don't Stop the Scream, I Hang Heavy, Negative Creep, Fade, Killing Time Again, A Story That Could Be True, Fat Woman Lying in the Street, Create, Abandoned, Lost.