Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Almost Cried Like a Baby

I'm coming to this video two years after it was uploaded (I think...maybe I viewed it before but I don't think so) but I just watched it and for some reason it almost brought tears to my eyes. 

I emailed Billy Brett of the great Buck Gooter about playing a show in Harrisonburg this summer and he graciously offered to set something up in July or August. More later after we work out the details.

While I don't think any box set is worth $110, I did spring for the SGT. PEPPER super-deluxe edition (it has since gone up in price to $145). I've only listened to the remixed stereo CD and a few of the outtakes, but it is indeed a very nice collection. The remix is quite a revelation in terms of revealing little instrumental and vocal touches I'd never heard before. The whole thing was obviously very lovingly planned and put together. The rumor now is that the White Album is currently undergoing the same "super-deluxe" treatment for release in 2018.

“For my father [producer George Martin], it was the happiest time [working with the Beatles], I think, because they were all pulling in the same direction. In a typical Beatles way, they were actually pushing more than pulling: pushing their past away. They were almost deliberately not making an album for their screaming fans. That’s what was interesting.” -- Giles Martin