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I know I've touched briefly on this previously and I doubt that it's something most, if any, of you have ever cared to think about, but if you've wondered one time or another (as I have, of course) about where all these visitors to bookofkills.com that I write about on occasion come from, I just checked CDBaby's stats page to see for myself. The vast majority of visitors, it goes without saying, are from the U.S. Here's where the other folks who visit bookofkills.com hail from this month (in order of number of visits): Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Romania, British Indian Ocean Territory, Switzerland, China, Ukraine, Netherlands, France, Canada, India, Iran, Hong Kong, South Korea, Great Britain, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Brazil, Malawi, Pakistan, Poland, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Latvia, Nicaragua, Seychelles, United Kingdom (I thought Great Britain...uh...never mind), Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Spain, Gabon, Malaysia, Sweden, and Venezuela.

That's it. Every single country. The Russian Federation also downloads the most sound files from the audio page, other than the U.S.

Now this is something I did not know. On this day in 1969, The Who and Led Zeppelin appeared together for the first and only time at Merriweather Post Pavilion. I saw some good shows at that place. Didn't see that one though. Bit young, I suppose. Don't recall ever hearing about the show either.

On this day in 2002, Book of Kills (Randy Simpson, Jane Firkin, Casey Firkin, Bill Bird and yours truly) played their second-ever live show on James Madison University's WXJM radio. The set list: If You Want It Take It, Accidentally Naked, Running, Style-->Bad Person, Money, Face, Dream, Don't Stop The Scream, Killing Time Again, Why Won't You?, Sweet, Abandoned, Cave In, Rain, I Hang Heavy-->Up In Flames-->Can't Stand It Anymore, Jesco White, To Dream A New Dream. Good show. I remember we played pretty well.