Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

About the Band

I had an inquiry recently from an old musician acquaintance about what I was doing with George III and Garfield. The answer is nothing really. Certain things happened at certain times and we all sort of drifted off after our first (and only) performance at the Little Grill last year (which you can still listen to on the audio page). I don't know exactly if my mind and heart are in it right now. I'm starting to experience more obvious hearing problems which I'm certain lead back to years of playing, with little ear protection, very loud hard rock music and I'm more than a little worried about that. When you ask your wife to repeat what she says half the time and you have to turn up the TV past levels you ever tolerated in the past, that is a concern. Something to keep in mind, kids, if you're in a rock band.

And I'm getting old, kids. Ain't no getting around that. Draw your own conclusions.

And, just as importantly, I guess I'm frustrated with years of ignoring 95% of the music I've written and recorded. I think about songs such as "Religion Is That I Love You", "The Alien Girl", "She's The Kind of Girl", "I'm Not Gonna Walk Away", "Ah Ahh Ahhh!", "Any Other Way", "See You Again", "What Never Was", "Paper Dolls", "In My Vibration Time", "Lost My Head in the Dreaming Hour", "Not Like a Mirror Image" (and pretty much all of WASP 51!), "Greatest of All Time", "Waiting on a Busted Cloud", "The Long One", "You Burn and You Know It" (and pretty much all of DIFFERENT), "And No One's Laughing Anymore", "Hello Teenage America", "I'm Going Back to the Zen Arcade", "The Shape of Your Eyes Goes Round My Heart", "Mary O'Brien", "A Space Where You Can't Go", "Strange One", "Psychic Diving", "You Don't Owe Me Anything", "Painted Bird", "Marking Time", "Smoke in the Wind", "Filling In Holes", "A Bluebird Will Do", "Don't Give Yourself Away", "Jackboots on Cobblestone", "Your World Will Shape My Bones", "Django T. Banghardt",  and blah blah...songs that I feel much more connected to nowadays than so much of the material I've "relied on" for the last 15-20 years...and I feel ashamed of myself for never giving all that music a chance. How hard would it have been to search out a keyboardist, for instance, to add the parts that the above songs needed?

And I don't say this to put down anyone I've ever played with or to lay the blame on anyone else. All of those bands have been great fun and every single one of the people I've ever played with has been awesome...and I'm not sugarcoating it, either. I've played transcendent gigs with just about every line-up I've ever been a part of. And I'd probably jump at the chance to jam with just about any of the players in any of those line-ups. Just not to do the same thing I've been doing for a long, long time.

My failings are my own. It's nobody's fault but mine.

I don't know. I have no idea if I'll even play live again. Truthfully, if I could start a band that was considerably lower key but still knew how to rock out hard when needed...well, as I always say...we'll see.