Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

About Last Week

George, Garfield and I practiced last Thursday evening. We mainly worked on the three new songs I mentioned recently that George wrote. I have so many songs (I guess I've written and/or released over 150 songs just in the 2010's alone) that I can't even decide what I might work on. 

I'm kind of out of sorts today. Felt like I ought to write a new entry but things have been vaguely weird the last few days. Got a flu shot yesterday (believe it or not, the first one I've gotten since the FIRST year they began giving flu shots annually years and years ago) and it really did a number on me. I thought I was getting the flu from the reaction to the shot I had. Turns out 1% of people who get the shot develop a fever from it. I guess I'm in that 1%, eh?

Then, this morning I learned a childhood friend of mine (with whom I occasionally played golf over the past three or four years) died last night.

Cliche: Take nothing for granted. It could all end in the next minute. That means you and me, friend.