Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

About Last Night, Part II

Last night was fun. It was nerve-wracking but something that I somehow, strangely, still feel drawn to doing. I like writing songs and if you write songs you want others to hear, and like, those songs. Recording them is a great thing. I love constructing an arrangement for a song I've just written, and it's awesome to think that people are streaming those tracks and enjoying them, but playing those same songs in front of an appreciative audience is on another level of sharing. You can't interact with others when you stream a song, obviously. I guess it's simply all about the act of intimate human connection.

I'm very grateful to everyone who came last evening. And I'm especially grateful to Billy Brett and Graham (sorry...don't know your last name) for making the evening possible.

I'll be uploading most, if not all, of the show to the website in a few days. I need to get my hearing back before I really try to work on mastering the recording. I did listen to a couple minutes and the sound's not bad. At least you can hear the vocals since Billy Brett brought a nice sound system with him last evening. 

By the way, don't forget to check out Billy's bands, Candidate Demo and Buck Gooter!

Don't know when we'll play live again. I'll look in to Harrisonburg's Golden Pony. Maybe some things will open up elsewhere. Who knows.