Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

A Fun If Sloppy Practice Makes For A Pointed Reminder...

We had a fun if very sloppy practice last evening. I was probably the worst offender and the hour or so that we spent going through our songs (we dropped a couple from the repertoire) drove home the fact that I somehow need to make myself practice more on my own. As you probably recall, I have a very difficult time practicing on my own. But if we're going to play some live shows, I better be convincing myself of the need for much more individual work.

The value of intensive group jamming was never more apparent to me than when Casey and Jane Firkin, Jason Hevener, and I spent jamming together almost every single night over a three week period to ready ourselves for a show at the Little Grill in Harrisonburg, Virginia (oddly enough, paired with an early version of George Nipe III's band, Plague Dogs.) At the time, I don't think Jane had ever been in a band, I doubt Jason had played many, if any, live shows, and I don't think Casey had played much live either. I hadn't performed in front of an audience in three years. But we pulled off the show and everyone had a really great time.

Speaking of the Little Grill, on this day in 2002, Jane, Casey, Bill Bird, Randy Simpson and I played a show there with Speakeasy and a band (I think) from Richmond, Virginia, called Uptown Stomp. The set list: Abandoned, Cave In, Accidentally Naked, Face, Bad Person, Running, Rain, To Dream A New Dream, Gemini, Just An Average Day, Sweet, I Hang Heavy->Up In Flames->I Can't Stand It Anymore, Money. I don't remember a thing about that show.