Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

3 Shows

Wow. I've played three shows in the last four years. I don't know. Guess I'm tired of scrounging for gigs. Too old? Too tired? Like I said...I don't know. Haven't jammed with Garfield and George in two or three weeks. Mainly been going to Little League games (seems like just about every day of the week...but they're fun. I enjoy it...), doing chores around the house, working on the Archives project, or doing book selling stuff (which takes a lot of time.) Speaking of the Archives project, I finished the SPLENDID TRIGGER folder today. That was a monumental task...thirty songs. A number of these albums have required some minor remastering, which, though it might be "minor", still eats up a lot of time. I'm really glad that I'm finally getting around to doing this though. After all these years of putting out dozens of records in various forms with different artwork and mixes and mastering, it's good to finally be creating a definitive repository of BOK/F+W/TKR etc music. I will include some videos, but only a few. There just isn't enough room to try to jam several hours of video onto a 64gb flash drive.