Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

2018's Ten Most Streamed BOK/F+W Albums!

I've always had a fascination with song charts. I think you probably have to have a few years on you to understand how important Top 10's and Top 40's were at one time to kids of the rock and roll generations (more or less, those folks born in the mid to late '40s through the mid to late '90s. Really, can't we say now that the early aughts...as led by New York City's Strokes...represent the final big gasp of rock's mass popularity?) That's why I periodically like to post lists pertaining to Book of Kills/Fear + Whiskey albums. Please...indulge me on this continuing compulsion.)

2018's Top Ten Most Streamed BOK/F + W Albums (In Descending Order):

1) Songs for a Played Out Generation
2) Wasp 51!
3) The Haunted Life
4) In My Room: The Best of Book of Kills, Volume One
5) Different
6) Saint Judas
7) The Fear + Whiskey Anthology
8) Wee Jim's Blackeye
9) All About You
10) The Strange One (Demos & Outtakes)

"After the interchangeable skinny rock boy bands (The Vines/The Hives/The Strokes) dried up the well of public interest, the pendulum swung hard the other way and rock went on to be crushed in the mainstream by pop, hip-hop, and EDM, and the only new rock bands that currently see breakout success are ones that shamelessly embrace elements of those genres, like The 1975, a toothless pop band whose members limply hang guitars around their necks like fashion accessories. As of writing this, the top ten albums on the Billboard rock chart include Imagine Dragons, 311, 21 Pilots, Nickelback, and, for some reason, the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 soundtrack. If the rock scene of the early aughts could be accused of lacking a cohesive identity, the scene of this decade could be accused of lacking a pulse." -- Don Ozzi, "Did The Era Of The Strokes Set Rock And Roll Back?"