Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

1994-2017...Boy! Those Were The Days!

In answer to a question I received that I guess others might be wondering about: Live performances in the Archive Project's "Bonus" Live Album will include stuff from 1994 through 2017. The only band that won't be represented is The Plague Dogs. I simply could not find a decent sounding, good performance of a song from that line-up. Almost 100% of the few cassette recordings I still possessed had almost no satisfactory vocal levels. For some reason they all sounded as though we were standing at the bottom of a well. The only recording I have of the band playing in front of an audience is from a private party show, "Paint It Black", which has, of course, already been released on two or three occasions in the past. Even that one has poor sound. If you have a recording of the Plague Dogs from my tenure with the group and it has decent sound, let me know SOON! Or, better, you can simply send me an mp3 file (or files) through email. I'd prefer a recording of "Glass Turns to Sand", "Little Metal Toys", "Mexican Buzzsaw" or "Paint It Black".

"Back [in the '60s and '70s] music wasn't in a box. Record companies took risks on different music. People were experimenting and coming up with stuff. Nowadays you're told that you've got to sound commercial or it's not going to sell. Everybody is put into a box now and it's really stagnating music." -- Kofi Baker (Ginger Baker's son)