Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Concrete is Set


Neither feast nor famine.

Malcolm Young


I'm an okay guitarist.



Soundtracks to your life.

Classic Songs



Still Stuck in Concrete


Thanksgiving? Maybe!

Welcome to Concrete Again


Next week?

Giving "Little Whirl" Another Whirl...


Giving Little Whirl Another Whirl

Pixies & Citibank? Kinda Gross?


Try this trick.

Happy Halloween & Life is Very Very Weird


Shitloads of stuff.

Lots More Material To Upload


Your year.

Who Dares Defy the Hand of God to War?


Check it out.

Cassettes Are Cool


It's a crime.

Not Even Half


Not even half...

Welcome To Concrete and Lots More (And Some Less)


Very underrated.

Various Thoughts Again


My child and my grandfather.

About Last Week


That means you.

Okay...I've Changed My Mind


The beauty of minimalism.

Thoughts About Keeping On Keeping On


Nobody's Jesus.

For That I Am Thankful


These are a few of my favorite things.

Won't You Rock Me Daddy-O!


Won't You Rock Me, Daddy-O!

Just Brilliant


Nothing that matters.

A GIANT Has Passed...I Think?


You and I will meet again.

3 New Songs to Work on and More to Come


You'd better free your mind instead.

Feels Like the First Time


I love being in a band.

Everybody Wants Some



One Note


One note.

On This Day in 1968


I hate cliche.

I'm Back! (Bet You Didn't Know I Was Gone!)



The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill


The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill

Grant Hart Is Gone


Grant Hart has died.

Hoggett Heads


What is a hoggett head, anyway?

Yet Another Durn Album!


I'm in the process of readying another album for upload...


Where the Heck Did August Go?


Summers fly by much too fast in my part of the world.

Fixing Stuff


I've spent a goodly amount of time...

Practice Wednesday


I think we're going to practice Wednesday.

Yes, The Show Is On The Audio Page


Yes, they're there.

August 19, 2017 Show Up For Grabs!



Mastering & Maximizing the Concert


A day of lasts.

Just a Thing or Two...



About Last Night, Part II



Gig Tomorrow


Till then...

Five Days Till a Real Gig



Iain McMillan


Ten minutes.



Coke and VU.

Four New Uploads


Grab 'em!



Thanks, Arthur.

An All-New Music Video Coming Soon!






This & That & That & This...


Won't we?

Serious Artists


Crazy and sane...

Another New Video


River of Blood

New Video On Youtube!


Live on YOUTUBE!

New Track on the Audio Page



On This Day in 2003


People grow up.

20th Anniversary of SO FAR IN EVERY DIRECTION


The truth is...

Back From Maryland...Like You Care, Right?


Throwing stones...

Video Clips


Warped truthfulness.

Practice Tonight & Roger McGuinn


Go to the library.

Mark Your Calendars!


Simple but unique...



What a way to go out...

On This Day 60 Years Ago...


John + Paul = different.

Last Night's Practice Was Fun!


No bad considering...



To me, music should just give you a feeling.

Streaming, Streaming, Streaming and Blah Blah Blah...


It makes a difference if you do "your part" to help unknown artists...honest.

Getting That Feeling Again?


I'll take what I can get...

The Nothing (Live at the Blue Nile)


Another live song...

First Live Show in 4 Years....


Every color

Dino! (And Paul!)


The whole world is drunk...

The Shape of Your Eyes Go(es) Round My Heart


They belong to the listener....

When You Do Something New...


Your gut...

How Does A Week Go By So Quickly?


No idea...

Long Strange Trip


Bicycles and Guitars

The Biggest Month of All


Not "Stanley the Steamer"...

Almost Cried Like a Baby


More later...

All Over the World


Every single country...

Sgt. Pepper, Twin Peaks and Book of Kills (Not in the same breath)


Decide for yourself.

21,000 Downloads & Counting


Before I go deaf...

Chris Cornell Passes


Chris Cornell passes.



3 1/2 years. Damn.

Happy Mother's Day and Video News



Practice Tonight & Other Bits of World-Shattering Information


Always fun.

Old Letter From A Long-Time Listener


I came across an old compact disc with a bunch of files from the late '90s on it...



Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations.

A Fun If Sloppy Practice Makes For A Pointed Reminder...


Practice makes close to perfect.

Today's May 3 & Others Interesting Facts


Lots of people visiting! Good to see each one of you! Y'all come back now, ya hear?

I Suppose I Could Write Some New Songs?


I'm sure there are some decent unreleased studio tracks that I haven't had the energy to track down...

Live Rock'n'Roll Albums


What makes a great live album?

Pills & Pop


We prefer to have our minds massaged.

I Leave Her There Till She Rings 3 Times


Check out the audio page...

Time Flies When You're Living


Drop it.



Brilliantly musical...

One Single Song? How 'bout Five?


Last weekend...

Various & Sundry Stuff


Hell on earth, man.

Top 25 BOK Songs On Apple Music In March



Good Practice This Past Tuesday


'Nuff said...



Only the most ardent BOK fan...

Good Practice



Saluted and Defied Redux


Lost arts...

One of the True Giants Passes


R.I.P. Chuck.

Album Will Drop At Least a Week Late...


That's Shelley...JIM Shelley. And Book of Kills.

Seven Years and Two Days Ago...


Gosh...seven years?

Came and Went...Meh...


Windy with drifting snow...

Snow Coming


You should.

Got a Spare Million on Ya?


I don't...

Saluted and Defied Part II, etc.


So much pleasure...

Saluted and Defied



Won't Practice Till Thursday...


A sense of adventure and boundless imagination...

Next Up - Part Two


Upload Time...

Third Singles Remixes Release


550 ain't nothin'...

Do I Want to be Jefferson Airplane?





I miss records a lot.

Realistic About Art


I don't know any other songs...




On This Day in 1964 I Was Born


The main event of my life.

Next Up?


For peanuts.

Good Practice! Bad Day in Rock Music...


Joe, Buddy, Richie and Big.

They Come and They Go



Can't Stop Proselytizing...


Throwing away the key.

3 Years Ago Today...


Before...and ever after?

Practice Tomorrow...


Not over-thinking...

Filling in Holes


Goodnight, Irene.

Evidently I Can't Operate a Recorder


I missed the van...



The meek shall inherit the earth.

Happy Accidents


Those who could not hear the music...

Back From Somewhere Else


The Haunted Life!

Wow! Thanks, Jim Santo of DemoUniverse!



Paint It Black and Glass Turns to Sand...


News from the front...

Didn't Practice Last Night...And Other Important News


Made for life...

Worth a Mention


He must create.

3rd Time's a Charm


The key...

Thanks for the Visits!



Yet Another Album Available Soon!!!


I just knew it.

So Carrie Fisher's Dead?


So long, Carrie...

Happy Merry Christmas, Hanukkah and Whatever You Might Be Celebrating!


Thanks and hope you have a merry day!

Report After First Practice


Another planet...

FIRST Jam Tomorrow


What should I listen for?

Can't Win For Losing...


Someday the bear eats you...

Maybe I'll Wait Another Week...


The foolish clown face

Just a Cool Quotation I Happened Upon...


That's when you'll realize...

Next Week and Beyond


Who needs eyes when you've got music?

Top BOK Songs For November


Top 25!

Catching Up



Bits of News, Largely Dispensable


We don't know...

Happy 2016 Thanksgiving!


She's leaving home...

Don't Forget the Audio Page!


Don't forget!

Musicians We've Lost So Far in 2016


Not fair at all...

Practice Begins Soon



BOK News


The adrenaline of a live performance...

Leonard Cohen Passes...


Leonard Cohen dead at 82.

FILLING IN HOLES Now Available Around the World!


I learn from thinking about the future...

And Now We Have CD!


Stream. Download. Rinse. Repeat.

We Have Upload! (But Not CD)


Mostly done...

Ear Worms, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Mixing


What a day/night.

Never Work for Other People at What You Do


Do something exciting...

Honest...I Tried



Cubs Win!


Filling in holes...

Nothing To Get Hung About


Nothing is real...

Finally Progress on the Upload


Completed and uploaded...

Top BOK Downloads


The Largest Appetite

Back From Bermuda


Time Travel

Taking a Few Days Off


Terrible bad nerves...

Next Upload Probably Decided...


The only real magic...

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017


Still no BOK.

Still No Progress...


Take it where you find it.

This Is Why I Did the Single of the Month Club



Another Band Coming Soon...


Last evening...

AIFF's and WAV's and MP3's


AIFFs and WAVs and MP3s...

The Joshua Bell Experiment & Too Many Choices



More Music Begins Next Week...



Abbey Road


Right now, over me.

Time To Upload


Three-chord straight up rock 'n' roll...

People Who Just Play the Hits


Year after year after year...

And Then There Were None


Hours and hours and hours...

Tomorrow Begins the End...But Doesn't It Always?


...in my room...

The Final Two at Hand



Fourth One Just About Done!


If only, Chrissie, if only.

VHS Find?


While Mary Lou was cleaning out one side of our garage...




Third Song Completed...Onto a Fourth...and a Fifth...and...?


Your love and support.

My Impression Now


What we give others...

Second One Done...


Number 2 done...

Another One...


It means nothing.

New Countries Added to the Party!


Hee hee!

...And Today!


Next week?



I played golf yesterday...

The Beginning of the End


Nothing (blessedly) else to do...

The Idea of Being Alone


I like the idea of being alone.

The Usurping of Artistry


The usurping of artistry

If You Know, You'll Know...


If you know, you know.

It's August 16


Feel kinda crappy today.


Rob C. and Other Words to Read


Words, etc.



The whole history of music...

And In Fact REVOLVER Does Turn FIFTY Today!


One more...

Revolver is Turning 50


Disoriented and strangely exhilarated...

Anthology (2010-2013)



Finished Recording Single #11 (Finally, Kids!)


Hunky Dory

Five, Six...Done (ummm...soon...)


I finished track four last Thursday...

Four Tracks


...if I'm lucky.

Quick Odds & Ends



Less Than A Year Ago...


It is extremely hard for me to believe that I mailed the first Singles Club discs out August 5 of last year. I'll be honest...I figured I'd be lucky if I made it through 6 CDs before I gave up. Now here I am working on number 11.

Slightly Less Slow


Maybe, but maybe not.

Slow Slow Slow


Pulling birds...

I'm Not a Shill For Apple


What's what.



We spent hours doing it.



Hot, tiring work...

# Eleven


Thanks, Russia!

Brian Jones, Jim Morrison and Other Last Calls


Last call?

Big Top Ten


Lists are fun!

Back to Recording?


Musical prostitute

Thank You Whoever You Are



BOK in 2004


I spent a couple hours today working on an old VHS tape of Book of Kills...

Boomboxes and Etc.


When I was a boy...

Musical Myths


Accentuate the positive!



Sweat and Love

Single #10 Nearly Done


Maybe we took ourselves too seriously...

Work In Progress


Recording News & Lists...

Never Be Like You (Again)


Few do, eh?

One Done...


Does anyone read these little blog excerpts?

Recording Notes & Little League


Rock and roll and Little League...

John Bonham and etc.


Much of songwriting is simply a mystery.

Happy Birthday, John


I try not to be sloppy...



The very first Book of Kills album...

Happiest Birthday, Bob


I would have if I could have.

Wish I Was One of the Cool Kids


Sulky, worthless shits.

Big Number TEN


Joey not so much.

Everything Popular...


Is Book of Kills right?

I've Brought This Up Before, But...


I wish someone would give me the answer!

Various Topics Briefly Addressed


We piss anywhere...

Sights Set on Single #10


It's not Book of Kills!

What's Better? Fear or Whiskey?


I'm not sure.

Singles Mailed & Other Not As Happy News!


Singles mailed...

Second Song 'bout Done


I had some time...

I've Been Busted For Using My Own Song In My Own Video

Another Vintage BOK Album Available Soon


CDBaby has notified me that it's time to upload my "free" album...


2nd Song In Preliminary Stage and Other Stuff


Chord progressions and such...

First Song in the Bag!


Just wondering.

Work Begins For Real


I like it so far.

No More Than This...


No more than this...

Prince Rogers Nelson


I'm not in charge...

When's Apple Gonna Release New Freakin' MacBook Pros?


I mean, damn...

Time Again...


It was a sad one.

Rock Around The Clock


Riots. Honest.

147,022, 14 and 17



Beatles, BOK, Karl Rove & Kurt


I sacked him.

Kurt Still Dead


Total cut-up

Things I'm Writing To Keep This Blog Semi-Current


As you probably know, I rarely go back and listen to anything I record once I'm done with it. 


Singles Have Been Mailed & Yes, I'm Actually Busier Than Ever (Pt. 2)


Let me give you a run down of a typical day during the week...




About Last Night, Again


We'll see...




Delays Delays Delays


Life gets in the way of life sometimes.

Loser Loner Desperation

Haven't Done a Thing on the Second Song!


Time is a concept created by humans.

Done With One


Pretty much...

Pulling Up The Covers


Let me know...

Let The Recording Begin...Again...



"Why I Stopped Pirating Music" (By Not Me...Someone Else)


A conscience is a marvelous thing to see.

Still I Feel Sad Though There's Lots To Be Happy About


Morning, Dad.

4/6ths Are Gone...Farewell, Sir George!



Setting My Sights On Single #8


It definitely bears mentioning...

Happy Post-Life Birthday, Lou + The Karl Rove Revisited?


I'd be up for getting back together.

SINGLES HAVE BEEN MAILED! (+Streaming vs. Physical Product)


Sad but true.

CeeLo Speaks


Just product?

Single #7 ALMOST Done



Computer Issues Addendum



Computer Issues Again



Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics


Let it roll off the edge of the Grand Canyon...

Finished One...One To Go...


A known enemy

Archive & Single #7 Updates



Frequently & Ruthlessly


Your masterpiece

Archive Stuff


Twist and Shout

Take My Word For It


Symbolic Gestures

Music Doesn't Pay



51 Years Ago


A time to look at things differently...

George Harrison & Other Topics of Note


Capos are fun!

More Archive Stuff



The Portable Archive Part II


Lots and lots of songs

Even More of a Record than It Was



The Portable Archive



Single of the Month Thoughts & Paul Kantner


Bye Paul.

Mailed to Subscribers


Singles on the way...

Single #6


I'm not anything that you think I am...

Yesterday's Milestone


A new high...

Looks Like My Pleas Were Heard!


The power of Facebook...

What WAS I Complaining About


Some liberated republic

It's Always Something...


Just what I feel...

Quick Post...


I Want to Hold Your Hand!

Feels Like The First Time...



First Song/Sixth Single


A reason for being...

Photo Page, New Song, Old Stuff, Singles Club, Etc.


I'd sure be grateful.

David Bowie


The time I have left

Last Thoughts On 2015


You feel like a prisoner...



If my memory serves me well...

It's Very Sad For New Bands


It's very sad for new bands.

Addendum to 12/31


Thanks! And Happy New Year!

Listening to Flowers & Other Stuff


Listening to flowers

Good Day in the Studio


When we get there...

R.I.P. Lemmy


In the other person's place...

Progress of a Sort (Part II)


EP's are cool.



Best wishes!

Merry Happy Kringle!


Thanks for listening!

Progress of a Sort


The more you use, the more you have.

5th Single To Be Delayed?


The expectation of living.

No Way?


Wanna feel old?

Second Song/Fifth Single



Smart Rock is a No-Sale


Smart rock.

How It Turns Out


I'm almost always surprised at how it all turns out.

Damn Near Impossible


Everybody has goals...

BOK Top 20 For November & Thoughts



I've Begun Single #5...But Will It Be What It Should Be?



For The Good Of The Cause


It's a work of God.

We Have a Special Responsibility to the Arts


As a great democratic society...

Dulcimers and Stuff


Until you're ready to look foolish...

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!


Go eat something!

Maybe the Best Present I Ever Got


There chords and you're into jazz.

You Can Be Billy Joel...


If you don't get it out, you're going to explode.

Recording Finished


Won't you rock me, Daddy-O?



My unchallenged favorite.

Sessions For Single #4


Two songs complete.


Most Popular Songs By Album


What should you listen to?



Glad I'm not cool.

Human (Again)...And Various Other Subjects Too Long To Include In The Title


I rarely go back.

Beatles and Other Stuff...


If you don't have to write songs, why write them?

Addendum to ...and The Beatles...


Rushing to judgement.

...and The Beatles!


1+ Deluxe!

Singles Club News and The Beatles!


I never know what I'm going to do until I do it.

That Was September...


Pop mythology.




Some Ideas For The Fourth Single



Odds and Etc.


This is the excerpt that appears on my main blog page...

Single #3 Will Soon Be On Its Way!


On its way soon!

HUSKER DU Getting Together Again?


Husker Du?

Another Big Day In Rock'n'Roll History


Big day in r'n'r!

I Had To Have The Music


I had to have the music.

Can YOU Tell The Difference?



More On Single #3


3rd single almost done?

Happy Belated Birthday John!


Produce your own dream.

Music More Music House Trees Etc


Trees and stuff...

Ten Years Ago


"That's why I forget my old songs..."

Janis & Other Stuff...


and stuff

Big September & SPLENDID News




Surprise! You're Live!





Homemade stuff gets messed up sometimes.

Splendid Trigger





Handmade mayo!

Listening To The Beatles


If it weren't for them...

5 In A Row!


I still haven't found what I'm looking for...

Single #4?


Wigs and stuff...

The BOK Top 25


The Top of the Pops!

To The Rest Go The Dregs


Vertigo sucks. Bad.

Brief Note


Break your orbit.

Just a List of Stuff


It's just a list of stuff...

Dropping a Big #2


You'll feel good about yourself!

Outsiders & Other Stuff


You tend to observe things more...

A Great Year For UFOs



Biding My Time...


Seventeen and counting!

Second Single Is Nearly Finished


You should have the freedom to experiment...

A Poet Is a Nightingale


A poet is a nightingale...

Five Track Affair


A five track affair...

Spotify Still Sucks



The Singles Club - Discs 1 and 2...


Single #2 in the works!

The BOK Singles Club (& Other Stuff...)

Subscribe to the BOK Singles Club NOW!



BOK Singles Club Starts Wednesday, August 5!


Other stuff happened, too.

In The Words Of The Buddha


"The mind is everything. What you think, you become."

I Think In Terms Of Emotions


"I think in terms of emotions."

Re-Mixing & Re-Mastering


Mixing is fun.

How The CD Lost Its Shine & Other Matters Of Interest...


'There are only about 100 people in the world who understand our music."

Yeah...it's done...


One more big spurt of musical love...

E.P. Done...Probably.



It's like sex...


It's the best...

Another Song/Another Outtake


New songs...new outtakes.

Wrapping Up The E.P.



Apple Music, Part Two


I'm really liking Apple Music.

Big Business Monkey, Volume 5 CDs Have Been Mailed


Life has taught me to release my ears...

Time To Upload Another Album To iTunes et al


It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than boring.

Book Of Kills CD Singles Series, Volume 3


Okay...I think I can do this.


Once you grow up...


Once you grow up...

The Coming E.P. Release



Apple Music


The life of every man is a diary...

...And Thinking...


More thinkin'...

Still Thinking


I'm still thinking about the subscription thing. 

Additional Thoughts


Once you make a decision...

Changes? BIG Changes?


Thinking about making some changes...

Home Again, Home Again


Galloping on a tomato.

Our Choices...


Our choices...

John Fogerty


How open?

Kinda Sorta Big Day In Rock & Roll


Screw it.

This And That...



If You Really Want To Hurt Your Parents...


If you don't like it, eat me.

Goodbye, Girl...


You were the best dog ever.

Sadie Was A Good Dog


In the end we're all just temporary memories.

Music Was Better When You Were A Kid


Music today. Sheesh!

If I Should Disappear


Rare track!




If I Should Fall



Recording & Recording & Stuff






NumberOneMusic Scam!



Skip Spence


This slow trek...

More comments from listeners!


More comments from listeners.

New Album Available On BandCamp.com



"New" Release Coming This Week


(Sorta) new sounds coming.

Singles, Albums, E.P.'s


Tomorrow Never Knows...

BOK Is On BandCamp.com Again


It's BandCamp again.

Temporary Roll Now No More


Mundanity comes knocking...

I Was Going To Play Golf Today


One day I hope you will hear it...

"How do you write a good song?" she asked.


I do my best work alone.

And now a few words from Bill...


This is the excerpt that appears on your main blog page. If you leave this blank, your entire post will appear on your blog page, along with the title being linked to your post's individual page. If you would rather customize your excerpt, enter that text here.


Big Business Monkey, Volume 5?


Compelling? Sure. Scatter-shot? Yes.

Alex Chilton


What's the fun of that?

Yikes! It's Friday the Thirteenth!


Friday the 13th. The sequel.



The case with most men...

And A Couple More Actual Messages From More Actual People...


It's nice.

Actual Messages From Actual People...


Actual messages from actual people received this week.

The Sun Turns Our Patio Into A Lifeless Hell!


It's Odds & Ends Thursday!

Thanks, Leonard!


God Speed, Leonard!

Johnny Cash Was Born On This Day


What is it? I don't know. It's life.

The Pleasures Of Saying Goodbye Has Gone To The Presses


Number One Music?

My Most Influential Albums Ever


Most Influential.

The Pleasures Of Saying Goodbye Is Almost Ready


Thanks for all you do!

New Unreleased Stuff + Lou Reed Thought The Beatles And Doors Were Garbage But I Still Love Him


I still love him.

Music Can See You Through Anything


It's just nice, I guess...

Next Release?


The Pleasures of Saying Goodbye...


There are two types of musicians...


Another BOK album to be uploaded soon.

And Syd Vicious Died On This Day


Last ever.

John Lydon Was Born On This Day


Is this the story of Johnny Rotten?

O My Old 'Murica, Where Have You Gone?


Those were the days, my friend. We thought they'd never end.

iPads & Helgamite


Where have you gone, Steve Jobs? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

It Snowed Today



Back But Not Back


We shall see.

Discography and Store Pages Getting There + Other News!


A "new" rarities collection for 2015?

Big Day In History


Semi-big day in history.

I'M The Star Of THIS Movie, Bub!


This is MY movie, dammit.

Discography and Store Pages Are Temporarily Down


It ain't a popularity contest!

And The Rarities Keep On a'Comin'!



A Good 2014


2014. Nice.



"You have to do stuff that average people don't understand..."

Dean Martin


They don't make coolness like that anymore.

No Accounting For Musical Preferences...


If I don't get back to the web site again before Christmas, let me wish all of you who visit bookofkills.com regularly and those of you who stream and download BOK music a great holiday (if you celebrate a holiday this time of year)! God willin' and the creeks don't rise, I will continue to upload rare and unreleased music regularly in the coming year. I'm sincerely glad you enjoy listening to it. 

Can't Stand It Anymore


It was fourteen years ago today (or yesterday, actually).

John Lennon Murdered On This Day 34 Years Ago


Just think...

Writing On The Wall


WRITING ON THE WALL is the next BOK smash album for online stores.

New (Old) Book Of Kills Video On YOUTUBE!


"Fade" video is on YouTube. Check it out!

Various Thoughts


Various thoughts from the head of your host...

Meeting With George III This Sunday





Some times...

R.I.P. Big Bank Hank


So long, Henry.

The Music Died When...


"I love that musicians can record at home..."

If You're A Beatles Fan...



Another Collection Of Odds & Ends?


Old tapes...

Blue Nile Songs



Some Quotations To While Away The Seconds


"...they usually smell funny..."

RIP Blue Nile


RIP Blue Nile. I'll miss you.

Rare Recordings


Super rare stuff is fun!

The American Music Scene Is A Mess





I've just sent massive waves of shock rumbling throughout the cultures of the world.

John Would've Been 74 Today


John Lennon would've been 74 today.

Paul Revere Has Died At 76


Yet another major figure from the greatest era in rock music has passed away.



DETRITUS is now available!

Another Song From The Mike+George+Me Session


Turned out "To Dream a New Dream" wasn't bad. 

Whenever I Find A "Lost" Track I'm Happy!


Whenever I find a lost recording...

Big Business Monkey, Volume 2


I'm in the final stages of preparing May 1995's BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME 2...

The Take Afterwards...


Great to see Mike again!

Mike George & Jim


The further misadventures of Mike, George and Jim

Another Album Available Soon!


News! News! News!



A reminder...

Rock is...etc.


Rock is...etc.

Some Interesting Audio Coming...


Some rare stuff!

A near phantom musical entity such as I...


I still haven't looked through my old box of cassette tapes in an attempt to determine whether or not I can find any unreleased gems from 1988-89 to tack onto a 25th anniversary re-release of BLOOM OR DIE?. I've been quite busy with simple household duties, grandchildren, everyday life, and trying to make a buck and just haven't found the necessary time to listen to anything. But I promise that tomorrow I will sniff around. And I'll let you know if I do indeed find any recordings that would make a re-release worthwhile.

Otherwise, I don't have anything to add. I'll continue to post new photos and recordings on a semi-regular schedule. Thanks for supporting bookofkills.com by streaming and/or downloading BOK songs. I appreciate your interest in a near phantom musical entity such as I.

More Quotations


Eat something sweet...

Some Thoughts From Frank Black


They're like, it's cool and everything, but whatever.



...but you're mainly interested in the music side of things, aren't you?

I'm Stuck Being Me


"I'm stuck being me."

Ringo Took The Drummer's Seat


Ringo ascends the throne...

Real Bands Are Made Of This...


Real bands...

A 25th Anniversary Edition?


BLOOM OR DIE? 25th anniversary...

On This Day...


King Leo...

Far better it is to dare mighty things...


Far better it is to dare mighty things...

My Life's Musical Works On Two 32 GB Flash Drives


I've been engaged for some time now in preserving my albums...

Other People's Tastes


...or was that "school"?

Attention Spans Ain't What They Used To Be


That instant gratification thing...

Woody Words


The job of the artist...

...And About The Photos Page...


I'm helpless...

Interviews Coming Soon


Apparently the interviews left some sort of impression...

Some Interesting Words


"I won’t compare it to sex, but it lasts longer..."

About Last Night


...a little get-together for Amy and Brian Temples...



I spent a couple hours this afternoon copying a number of my albums...



Thanks for caring enough to care.

They're All Gone Now


Goodbye, Tommy.

Taylor Swift Lays It Down


Taylor Swift wrote an op-ed piece for The Wall Street Journal recently concerning the future of recorded music.

Happy Fourth!


Happy Fourth!

The Walkman Was Born 35 Years Ago Today


I suppose it's worth noting that on this day in 1979 Sony introduced the Walkman...

RIDING THE ECHO DOWN Is The Newest BOK Addition To Online Stores Everywhere


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for your support.

Good News If You're Looking To Download RIDING THE ECHO DOWN!


I'll be uploading the new BOK album, RIDING THE ECHO DOWN, to iTunes, CDBaby, Slacker, Amazon, eMusic, and many other online music stores early next week.

More Thoughts On The New Album


Just my opinion.

It's Done, By Gosh!


It's finally here!



The first Book Of Kills album featuring all new music since 2008's THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS

Riding The Echo Down


Musicians are crazy!

Mixology Part 2


I spent a good part of yesterday listening to all the new songs...

Bo Diddley Has Passed


Bo Diddley died Monday.

Finishing Touches


I like the album...

Robbing Your Mother


Stealing in the name of art.

Brief Thoughts


Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

This & That


And remember...knowing is half the battle!

Why So Many Rock Stars Die At 27 - Explained By Science!



The More I Mix The More I Create More To Mix


Wouldn't that be the shit?



Mad rush...

It Rained Buckets Last Night


It rained and rained and rained...

Time To Move On...


On to the next record...

Final Stretch


A twelve track, 30 minute record in the grand 1965-66 tradition of American albums...

The Only Reward For Making A Record


When you're in rock-and-roll, everyone is embittered.

You Are Not News


What is your status? Please do share.

Album Notes


I think taking this time off was merited and wise.

Why I Am Quitting Spotify...


Why I Have To Quit Spotify...

iTunes Etc


iTunes is old hat.



What's that you say?

Happy Easter


Happy Easter!

Uploading Another Album Soon!


Art requires audacity

Jeez I Better Write About Something, I Guess...


Here's an interesting tidbit that ultimately means next to nothing...

Long Time, No Record


So...when will I get back to recording? I don't know.

Change Is Good


Repeating one style of music again and again is deadly boring to me.

No Musos Allowed...And No Slackers Either


He had a kind of primal instinct for playing the guitar.

Just Play Live


Go play live. Just play live.



Okay...pretty much back on track.

Sunday Practice, The Next Song, Etc...


Gravy on the steak.

Practice Tomorrow...Yeh!


Really looking forward to practicing with George, Casey, Jane and Pablo tomorrow evening.

Song #11


I worked 2-3 hours today on getting the drum track figured out and recorded. 

Onward To Number Eleven


Two songs in one week? Golly.

#10 Nearing Completion


I think I'm going to be able to finish the tenth song tomorrow.

10 Things A Musician Should Never Say On Stage


Ten Things You Should Never Say On Stage

Still More Quick Thoughts


It will, if it has to, be a nice closing statement.

Another One Gone...


The great ones continue to pass.

Good Article


You can read this very good article on the state of rock and roll...

Pop Song #9 (Finished)


Just the way it is.

Pop Song #9 (Cont'd)


Sometimes it's good to let a song simmer before you're done with it.

Pop Song 9


Maybe songs come to me from the same region as dreams?

The End Is In Sight


I always play it by ear.

The Lot Of Amateur Musicians


While talking to a friend recently, I was taken by surprise...

#8 Done


I finally finished the latest song...

Giant Asteroids & Unfinished Songs


Gives one pause, eh? 

Today Would've Been Lou Reed's 72nd Birthday


Today would've been Lou Reed's 72nd birthday. 

Still On The "Next One"...


Still working on #8.

On To The Next One...


Now it's on to the next song.

The Good Thing About Not Making Music...


The good thing about not recording much new music for the last five years...

...Is About Finished


Back in the '90s when I put our a LOT of albums...

7th Song...


I've got the drum and first guitar down for a seventh song...

Another Song In The Can


No. 6 is about 90% done.

Sort Of Out Of Rhythm


I'm going to head for the bedroom...

David Bromberg On Robert Dylan


I don't think Bob has gotten credit for what a great singer he is. 

SLeePFeeDeR Says Goodbye


The great Luray, Virginia band SLeePFeeDeR gave notice on Facebook last evening that they were calling it quits...

ALL ABOUT YOU Now Available On CDBaby


The new "expanded" version of ALL ABOUT YOU is now available.

50 Years Ago Today I Came Into Existence


I don't know when I first heard the Beatles...

56 Years Ago...


Yeah, I know it's all about fifty years ago this week and next...



I believe in my last post I said something...

Song #4 Finished


I've finished a fourth song...

Another Album Will Be Available Soon


I'll be uploading another Book Of Kills album soon!

"Musicians don't retire..."


Musicians don't retire.

January is already gone?


This seemed like the longest freaking month of all time.

The Rooftop Concert Was FORTY-FIVE Years Ago!


Dang. Time flies...

Farewell, Pete (1919-2014)


Farewell, Pete. Thanks.

I do update the website...


do regularly update the website.

Have You Ever...


Have you ever been so sick...

And another thing...


I realized a few moments ago...

Monotony & Solitude


"The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind," -- Albert Einstein

Billy Brett Has A New Album Out!


Billy Brett (of BUCK GOOTER) and John Sgroi have got a new album out that you can listen to NOW on Bandcamp.com.

Another EXCELLENT Show


Last night's gig with SLeePFeeDeR and Buck Gooter was another outstanding night of rock and roll.

Show TONIGHT In Harrisonburg, VA At The Blue Nile


Of course, you already know that if you spend any amount of time on this web site! 

Happy New Year!


Like the blog post title says...

When you're in the world of creating things...


Nice quotation I came across by Ben Stiller

Happy Holidays!


Hope you're having a happy holiday season...

Something About Recording...


There's something about writing and recording songs that provides me with a feeling of near bliss.

A Song For The New Album


I thought today would be a good day...

A Gig For The New Year


A show on Sunday, January 5, at The Blue Nile in Harrisonburg, Virginia...

5 Quotations By Jack Kerouac


5 Quotations By Jack Kerouac

The Passing Of Nelson Mandela


With the passing of Nelson Mandela...

Not Much News...


Not much news to report.

Happy Thanksgiving!


It is no secret amongst those who know me well that I LOVE Thanksgiving far more than any other holiday. 

That Sound...


I've often pondered over the last 10-12 years the mystery that is Book Of Kills...



What a blast the show was last night! 

"The Jim Shelley"


I stumbled upon "Drinkify" (which is a web page that tells you what to drink depending upon the musical act you're listening to. I typed in the Grateful Dead first...

One More Practice...


Casey, Jane, George, Pablo and I will enjoy a short practice today. Next stop will be a show at The Attic in Luray, Virginia, next Friday (November 22)...

BOK Practiced!


We finally all got back together again and practiced! 

Why Not?


 “We always tried to make a change..."

This Time, Maybe?


The word on the street...

No Practice (Yawn)



BOK Practice...


George, Casey, Jane, Pablo and I are ostensibly planning to practice this coming weekend...



My heart just sank into my chest. I feel like crying. 

Maybe One Show Now...


Looks as though the three potential shows in November have been whittled down to one...

Possible Gigs


Thanks, Deanne.

Hall Of Fame


I wonder what Kurt would think?

No News Is No News


Not much in the way of musical news that I can report.

Upcoming BOK Show At The Little Grill?


Deanne Good (fab Valley photog) is (I think) going to put together a show at The Little Grill featuring Book Of Kills, SLeePFeeDeR, and Forward Smash.

BUTM Tracks Coming Down Soon


If you want to download the BUTM 4 show tracks, do it soon...I'll be taking them down soon.

These Are Your Book Of Kills(?)


Brian Temples contacted me last Friday evening and asked if I'd be interested in setting up a Brian, Dustin Bugg, George Nipe and me Book Of Kills show somewhere in Harrisonburg early next year with Fear + Whiskey opening. 



It rained like a son of a gun Saturday afternoon and into the evening. 

Blow Up The Moon 4


I should've put this up earlier in the week, but I forgot.

This Is Your Book Of Kills


In my continuing quest to eventually have all BOK albums available for download online, I have finished preparations to have 2008's THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS ready for audio consumption.

Another Good Practice


Casey, George, Jane, Pablo and I had another good, fun practice yesterday.

BOK, Fear + Whiskey, etc.


Casey, Jane, George, Pablo and I had a fun, productive practice yesterday. 

More Quick Thoughts


In answer to a few inquiries...

Quick Thoughts


No practice last weekend.

Fear + Whiskey Anthology


I'm pretty much done compiling the aforementioned Fear + Whiskey anthology compact disc.

...and good artists don't do that...


Record companies never want to take risks.

Bugg 70 Reflections


Bugg 70 was a great party celebrating one man's 70 years here on Earth

One BOK Down...But Not Out


Book Of Kills v. 1 (Casey, Jane, George, me and Pablo) will NOT be playing tomorrow at Bugg 70.

Rock & Roll Blow-Out


George and I practiced yesterday from 12 to 3:30 with Dusty, Brian, Amy and Gary...

Fear + Whiskey Anthology In The Works?


I listened to the Fear + Whiskey e.p. Bona Fide last evening...

I wrote a song today...oh boy.


I wrote a song today...oh boy.

Yeah, I know...


Yeah, I know I say I'm thinking about making an album over and over.

Brief Notes...


A few brief notes...

Interesting Conversations, Part II


More interesting conversations this past weekend.

A 2nd Practice With All Five Of Us?


It looks as though we're going to get all five of us together again.

A Good Practice Was Had By All


For the first time, George, Jane, Casey, Pablo and I were able to convene in one place at the same time yesterday and jam together.

Maybe next weekend?


George, Jane, Casey and Pablo weren't able to get together over the weekend.

No practice this weekend?


Random news...

Weekend Practice


George, Jane, Pablo and I practiced for about an hour and a half Saturday afternoon...

Brian Jones & Jim Morrison...


No...I'm not going to start with the "On This Day..." thing again...

I talked to Amy Sunday...


I talked to Amy Sunday afternoon...

First Full Practice? Uh...no


Unfortunately, Pablo (our drummer) was unable to attend the practice yesterday...

First Full Practice


Casey, Jane, George, Pablo and I (I certainly hope) will all convene today at George's practice space to jam together for the first time late this (Saturday) afternoon...

First Practice


George, Jane, Pablo and I had a good first practice...

Book Of Kills Latest


Jane emailed everyone last evening to let us know that the drummer she'd found in Staunton (sorry...I forgot to let you all know before today that she'd been working on finding us someone) had listened to a CD I'd made of the songs we were considering playing for the August thing and said that he liked what he heard and wanted to play with us.

Kim Deal quits the Pixies?


I woke up today at the beach (our last day there...I'm home now and vaguely depressed), logged onto my computer for the morning's news and discovered that Kim Deal had left the Pixies again.

No News Yet


No news yet concerning a drummer for the BOK reunion with Casey, Jane, George and me.

Meeting Tonight


Casey and Jane Firkin, George Nipe III and I met in Harrisonburg earlier this evening...

The Usual Bump(s) In The Road


Unfortunately, we learned yesterday that Zack isn't going to be available to play in August.

F + W Practice


Zack, Amy and I jammed for about an hour last evening.

Fear + Whiskey To Practice This Evening


Amy, George, Zack and I will convene today at Bugg's Place for a little jam...

Four Bands?


It looks as though I will be playing in four different "bands" for the benefit show that Gary Bugg has lined up at his place in August.

One BOK Line-Up Seems Set


Okay...one BOK line-up seems to be set.

Ray Manzarek Dead At 74


Ray Manzarek of the Doors is dead.

Music Must Not Be Compartmentalized


This idea that music is compartmentalized...

Book Of Kills (x2) Update


Casey and Jane Firkin have both thrown their hats into the ring!

Interesting Conversations


I had an interesting phone conversation with Gary Bugg today...

Just What Exactly Am I Doing?


Well...as far as music goes, not much of anything...

Fear + Whiskey's Future


Amy, George, Zack and I met for a couple beers last evening and discussed the future of Fear + Whiskey.

F + W Meeting


Amy, Zack, George and I are getting together tonight...

Black Francis Live


George Nipe, his girlfriend Christine, and I went to Clementine's in Harrisonburg, VA last night to see Black Francis play live...

Fear + Whiskey?


2013 hasn't been a particularly good year for Fear + Whiskey...

Updating The Web Page


Just a quick note today...

Another Book Of Kills album will soon be available from CDBaby...


Another Book Of Kills album will soon be available from CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify and numerous other outlets.



Hi! How are you? Yes, Bookofkills.com is back.

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