Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Track #2

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Jim Shelley
Jim Shelley


I suppose I could go wandering through all the boxes I have containing old Book of Kills memorabilia and eventually I might find some clue as to when I released the cassette (or CD) this little album originally showed up on, but I'm just not in the mood today. I do remember that many years ago I sponsored some sort of special contest (back in the late '90s, I'm almost certain...most likely late 1998) on bookofkills.com where one lucky listener could win a special limited edition (of ONE!) e.p. called I KNOW WHAT LOVE IS with five tracks that had up to that time been previously unreleased. Zack Simpson (who later drummed for Fear + Whiskey!) won the CD. I don't even know what the titles of the three "experimental" piano pieces were that I included on the disc, this being the first one of the three.

Quite an anomaly in the long history of Book of Kills music. Enjoy.