Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

The Medley (2001)

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Book of Kills
Jim Shelley/Lou Reed/Casey Firkin


When I listen to recordings of my old live shows, I more often than not tend to do a lot of wincing because, let's face it, a lot of times the performances highlight the fact that many of the line-ups I've been in over the years have been simply collections of inspired, earnest amateurs who're doing their damnedest to play their asses off but who (me perhaps most of all) just don't quite have it together enough to tilt the performance towards the professional side of the dial. That's not to say I haven't been in some bands that were freaking exciting to watch...that would be selling a lot of creative, smart, and cool people way too short.

But still...well, you get the picture. And the fault probably lies mostly with me...as a live performer I'm a pretty good...uh...a pretty good songwriter and recordist. But live performer? I don't know. While I've put thousands of hours into writing and recording original music, I've never been one to put much effort into being a good player. Probably largely because I know I'm just not a very talented musician when it comes to instrumental chops. I do put my spirit into my performances and I try my very hardest...

But whatever...

This is yet another rather ragged 2001 live performance (in the practice room) the night before our band played The Electric Blue in Waynesboro, Virginia. I remember that show was pretty good (at least most everyone clapped and yelled a lot), though we were lucky if there were fifty people there. The line-up: Casey Firkin - drums/vocals; Jane Firkin - guitar/vocals; Bill Bird - bass/vocals; and Jim Shelley - guitar/vocals. I think future lead BOK guitarist Randy Simpson was there that night.

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