Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

River of Blood (Live at the Outback Lodge)

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Book of Kills
Jim Shelley/Aaron Farrington


Previously unreleased performance of "River of Blood" from a show at Charlottesville's now defunct (and sorely missed) Outback Lodge. From May 9, 2009. David Tekippe - guitar, George Nipe III - bass/vocal; Mike Hicks - drums, Jim Shelley - guitar/vocal. That show was very weird. My voice had the strangest echo effect on it off and on the whole show and the volume of our vocals through the P.A. and the monitors fluctuated constantly. There are two different recordings of the show, which is equally weird because it wasn't one of our better gigs by a long shot. Each recording has its strengths and weaknesses and one is missing a couple songs but whatever...you don't really care about minutiae like that, do you?