Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

River of Blood (Live at the Box)

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Book of Kills
Jim Shelley/Aaron Farrington


Rare performance of "River of Blood" from an early gig by the Mike Hicks (drums), George Nipe III (bass/vocal), Jim Shelley (guitar/vocal) version of Book of Kills at the now-defunct The Box in Charlottesville, Virginia. This was right before David Tekippe joined the band on second guitar. Breakneck performance but pretty decent. Sound is not the greatest. I remember there was nowhere to put the recorder, so I sat it up above the band on a shelf or door ledge or something. I think you can actually see it in photos of the performance. You can hear very enthusiastic former Karl Rove band mate Johnny St. Ours quite clearly throughout the recording. Of course, I wrote "River of Blood" with Aaron Farrington during my time in the 'Rove.