Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

River Of Blood (Live @ Sonny's Place)

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Book Of Kills
Jim Shelley/Aaron Farrington


One of my favorite BOK shows ever was, oddly enough, at a little restaurant on top of a mountain just west of Luray, Virginia back in 2009. I was still recovering from a really bad case of the flu that had morphed into pneumonia and the whole show I was halfway to La La Land. As I've noted often, that band had a tiny little contingent of fans who seemed to follow us everywhere we played and a nice gathering of folks who'd been BOK-heads since 2000 also showed up and of course there were appreciative Sleepfeeder fans as well. It just turned out to be an ideal gathering and we played pretty well and with a lot of fire that evening. This is the encore. Newly remastered. Mike Hicks - drums, George Nipe III - bass/vocal, David Tekippe - guitar, Jim Shelley - vocal/lead guitar.