Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Placebo-->Marzipan Day-->So Tired

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Book of Kills
Jim Shelley/Dave Buracker/Brian Buracker


Bang bang band performance of "Placebo", "Marzipan Day", and "So Tired". Unusual in that we practiced early that day for a show later in the evening as the headliners at The Rainbow Hill Festival in Luray, Virginia. This was during a time when second guitarist David Tekippe had taken some time off for a vacation (I think) and we were reduced to a trio. Trying to reproduce all the guitar parts of these three songs on one guitar is no mean feat, especially when you're me, but we all give it a spirited try before loading everything up and heading for the gig that night. Sloppy but fun and maybe a unique uninterrupted performance of those three songs. Mike Hicks on drums, George Nipe III on backing vocal and bass, and me on the rest.

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