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My World Turned To Black (Live in Practice)

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Book of Proles
Jim Shelley


Requests for more Karl Rove? Okay. I can do that. I realize that that era is woefully misrepresented on the audio page. Here's a pre-Karl Rove track from a practice back when Johnny St. Ours, Aaron Farrington, me and Casey Firkin(!) were jamming together as Book of Proles. We actually played a show or two with that line-up before Casey went back to drumming full time for Walnut Grove. We, of course, added Billy Hunt to our own line-up and became The Karl Rove. Or is that simply "Karl Rove"? Is it "The Rolling Stones"? Or is it just "Rolling Stones"? "The Beatles"? Or just "Beatles"? What an existential quandary such questions present.

Anyhow...I'll gradually upload some more Karl Rove material. I've put up two new songs today. That's enough.

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