Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Lost (Live Practice 2004)

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Book of Kills
Jim Shelley


Recorded September 2004 in Charlottesville, VA.   Some time in the spring of 2004, Brian Temples, Dustin Bugg, Mike Chiarello and I ended up together as (what at the time was to be) the final BOK line-up.  It was an incredible band.  All three of those guys are amazing musicians and playing with them made me work really hard at my own playing and singing.  However, no one seemed very interested in us.  In fact, I actually had people tell me on several occasions that we were “too good”.  In other words, I “needed” to be in a band that was sloppier?  This is a pretty rockin’ version of “Lost” originally off 1993’s WEE JIM’S BLACKEYE.  From a boombox practice tape.  Originally released on the now deleted anthology ADVENTURES OF AN INSPIRED AMATEUR.