Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Little Metal Toys (Early Mix)

The Plague Dogs
Jim Shelley/Aaron Farrington


Previously unreleased early mix (not really very different from the final track) of "Little Metal Toys". I'd come from The Karl Rove, which had imploded in mid to late 2006 and George Nipe III asked if I'd be interested in playing bass and occasional guitar in his band, The Plague Dogs. I thought it would be fun to play bass in a band and not be the number one face of the group, so I said I would. This version reminds me of mid-career Husker Du with the treble-y distorted guitars, the lightning fast pace of the song, and the cardboard-y sound of the snare. Very very sloppy but fun. This is where the song, certainly one of Book of Kills' most popular, came into its own after being birthed by The Karl Rove. Mike Hicks on guitar, George Nipe III on bass, me on guitar, and Garfield Banks on drums.

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