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I Leave Her There Till She Rings 3 Times (Live)

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Jim Shelley


This should be quite an interesting track to long-time BOK followers. You've never heard this one done live, nor have you heard it done like this. "I Leave Her There Till She Rings 3 Times" was something I originally wrote in the spring of 1996 for what was going to be a new album. I was, however, in the process of moving from my home in Dayton, Virginia to Bridgewater, Virginia (about a three mile trek), and I simply couldn't find the creative energy to finish the record. Which is too bad because the songs I did finish turned out to be pretty adventurous, I think. Anyway, they showed up as sort of a double sided e.p. in June 1996, as WRITING ON THE WALL. I think I wrote and recorded something like 40 songs that year. SPLENDID TRIGGER, of course, dropped just two months later. Good Lord, how did I write and record so many songs in so little time?

If I remember correctly, when I came up with "I Leave Her There" I was heavily into Spacemen 3. I guess it shows? The lyrics were throw-away lines of nonsense, but I like throwaway nonsense. As a matter of fact, the whole song was more or less something I just came up with on the fly to fill out an e.p.'s worth of material.

Anyhow, this track features Garfield Banks on drums, George Nipe III on bass and backing vocals and yours truly on guitar and lead vocals. The astounding thing about this performance is that it's the first time we'd played the whole thing straight through! This song, I believe, is the key to finding ourselves as a band.

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