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I Fell Inside (Live on WXJM)

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Fear + Whiskey
Jim Shelley


"I Fell Inside" originally showed up on 1996's SPLENDID TRIGGER. This version is from the first live performance by the Fear + Whiskey line-up of Amy Bugg (bass/vocals), Jim Shelley (guitar/vocals), and Zack Simpson (drums). Of course, we decided to make our live debut on radio and after Zack had only been playing with us for a couple months. But Fortunately, Zack is a really imaginative, very capable drummer.

As I've often said, I'm not a lead guitarist. But the weird thing is, is that I have lead guitar lines in my head for just about every rock song I play and feel as though I'm the one who has to play lead in order for those lines to exist the way they "should" on the recorded version. The funny thing about that is that I never really play a solo the same way twice. (And it bears noting that for this song Amy and Zack didn't really know how long I was going to play before heading back into the vocal sections.) Anyway, all things considered, this isn't a bad live version at all. The fact that I made it through the song's lengthy solos without a meltdown is a minor miracle.

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