Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Hold the Wind (Live in Practice)

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Jim Shelley, Amy Bugg, Dusty Bugg & George Nipe III
Traditional with Additional Lyrics by Jim Shelley


Here's a previously unreleased live Fear + Whiskey performance of "Hold the Wind" (which originally showed up on 1991's FOR THE GOOD OF THE CAUSE) by Amy Bugg (bass/vocal), Jim Shelley (lead guitar/back vocal), Dustin Bugg (drums), and George Nipe III (guitar). This was probably only the second or third time Dusty had played drums on this song. We only practiced twice together, this the day before this make-shift line-up played its one and only "show". Rough but interesting considering the long history Amy, George, Dusty and I have together musically. For once, the vocals are right up front, but the guitars aren't, unfortunately.

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