Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Glass Turns to Sand (Live in Practice)

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Jim Shelley/George Nipe III/Mike Hicks


From our January 12, 2017 practice at George's place in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Keep in mind that this is our fourth practice. Also keep in mind that neither Garfield nor I have really played in three years. It's taking a while to get the chops back, although Garfield has gotten back much faster than I have. Too, I don't think George has played much at all in the past three years, though I might be wrong about that. Simply put, we're all working on getting up to speed. So it's sloppy (isn't it always sloppy?) but still pretty okay anyway. These snippets from early practices will not remain on the audio page for long. Download them quickly after they appear if you want to keep them!

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