Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Bona Fide (Acoustic Demo)

04:33 Download
Jim Shelley
Jim Shelley/Amy Bugg


This is one of several demos I made of the Fear + Whiskey song "Bona Fide". There's no date attached to this one but I think I wrote it (with Amy Bugg's help on lyrics) the weekend before Christmas of 2010. We began incorporating it into our set list in early 2011 and played it live for the first time, March 2011. I remember wanting to create a Flaming Lips sort of thing. The Lips were just super special to me from 1999 through the formation of Fear + Whiskey and I know I originally wanted my band to be a psychedelic/folk/rock hybrid in the same vein as them. Previously unreleased (I think...who knows anymore?).