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Another Shitty Day in Funtown (Schuyler Edit)

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The Karl Rove
Jim Shelley/Aaron Farrington/Johnny St. Ours


Recorded (I think) June 25, 2006, in Schuyler, Virginia at a house Tom Peloso (again, I think) was living in at the time. He was out touring with Modest Mouse and had told our bassist, Aaron Farrington, that we could record there while he was away. I recall setting everything up in a very big second story room that had pretty warm acoustics. I'd just bought a new iMac and a "lite" version of Cubase which I'd only familiarized myself with the night before, so I was flying by the seat of my pants trying to record some demos for the band (The Karl Rove). Billy Hunt, our drummer, had just practiced with us twice previously and really had only a cursory knowledge of most of the songs. We always did seem to hurtle headlong into everything though. I don't think I ever really totally learned any of Johnny St. Ours' (our lead guitarist) songs as well as I would've liked, nor most of the ones I did of my own for that matter.

Anyway, this is from the first day of a two day session. There were some guys from another band there but I don't remember exactly who...I think Critter Fuqua and Ketch Secor from Old Crow Medicine Show were there. We had a lot of fun...I do remember that. This is an edit that I've never released before. Enjoy.

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