Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


Yow! Ten days since my last blog? (Hate that word...BLOG. Sounds like something a frog would do in some godforsaken swamp in the middle of a nowhere night.) It has been a long time since I've let things slide that long!

I know the "experts" at my host company CDBaby tell us unknown musicians aspiring for greater notoriety not to say stuff like this, but I just haven't had much news lately to impart to folks who frequent this here web site. Ten days sure can go by in a flash though. In my defense, I have put up a few new songs on the audio page and maybe a couple new photos.

Musically, there's not much to report. Mike Hicks will be flying in from Spain before long and he, George Nipe III and I will be getting together one afternoon for a little jam, but you already knew that, didn't you?

What else has been going on around here? The usual, I guess. Hanging around the house a lot. Walking the dog. Washing clothes. Doing the dishes. Maybe vacuuming a little. Mowing the lawn once a week. Spending more time than I should putting together book sales on Ebay and wrapping sold books to mail. Wondering if I'll ever write and record another album. Wondering if I could write a novel. Listening to old practice recordings by Fear + Whiskey and the various permutations of BOK (mainly the Mike, George and me configuration) to see if there's something interesting I could upload to the audio page. Playing the occasional round of golf with family or friends. Babysitting. Reading (I actually finished a novel...the first one I've read in a long time...JULIET, NAKED. Not bad). Playing old rock and roll albums on the rare occasion I feel like listening to a record. Perusing the same old web sites I always peruse. Hanging out on occasion with family and friends. Checking out auctions, Goodwills, Salvation Army, and yard sales for forgotten treasures. Etc...

...but you're mainly interested in the music side of things, aren't you? At least I hope so. I have written a new song. And I know how I'd record it, if I did actually want to take the time to do that. Which I just might do one day.

Here's some info you might find interesting. According to my tracking stats for the month of August, these are the top ten countries for bookofkills.com hits: (1) United States (duh); (2) Germany (surprised me!); (3) Russian Federation (always faithful to BOK...thanks guys!); (4) China (ditto...thanks!); (5) Brazil; (6) Netherlands; (7) Italy; (8) Viet Nam (who would've thought?); (9) Argentina (BOK has always had faithful listeners in South America going back to 1989 and the release of BLOOM OR DIE?); and (10) Ukraine.

Okay...that's all for today. Gotta do something or other.