Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Yeah...it's done...

I mastered the E.P. today (a sweet eleven tracks that zoom by your ears in 17 minutes and 15 seconds). Later, I designed and created the four panel insert and typed up the lyric sheet. It's a really nice package. One of the best I've ever made. I firmly believe that it should exist only for folks who love Book of Kills (even if that means only three people in this whole fucked up world). Sort of like how those Renaissance dudes would paint pictures for one guy. So it's gonna be the first fab E.P. in the Book of Kills Singles Club. I already have songs recorded for the single after that and I'm really excited about writing and recording more music in the near future. I have all kinds of crazy ideas in mind for future singles.

It could be a totally wild ride.

I feel really energized in a way I haven't since my last large blast of creative inspiration from 2003's WASP 51! to 2008's THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS. It would be absolutely lovely if I had one more big spurt of musical love left to ejaculate all over the ears of anyone who loved homemade rock'n'roll, done the Book of Kills way. I hope if you're one of those three folks left on Planet Earth who still loves BOK that you'll join the club, 'cause the Club is about to open!