Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Writing On The Wall

I've decided to make WRITING ON THE WALL (BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME 3) the next BOK album available online at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and all the other popular online music stores. I'm nearly done with the various tasks one needs to complete to get his or her music uploaded. This will be the fourteen track version from 1999 with the 2012 remixes/remasters. There are a few bonus tracks (mainly basic acoustic demos) I could throw on for good measure, but I don't know if I'm going to add anything extra or not. Sometimes when you tack on extra stuff that wasn't part of the original record, it kinda takes away from the impact of the intended musical vision. I always thought that's one reason The Beatles refused to add bonus tracks to their albums.

Anyhow, it should be available next week. I'll let you know if it features any bonus material.

WRITING ON THE WALL, as I've noted on this website in the past, is one of my favorite BOK albums just 'cause it's such a freaky crazy collection of songs and it features some of the better lyrics I ever wrote. The 1999 version was actually a combination of 8 tracks recorded in 1996 and 6 additional tracks recorded in 1999, all of which somehow fit together seamlessly.

It's groovy. Honest.