Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Work In Progress

I ended up having considerably more time to work on the second song today than I thought I would. I was able to complete the rhythm tracks (bass and drums, of course) as well as add an acoustic guitar and two electric guitar tracks. I'm thinking that there's going to be at least one more guitar track and probably some touches of synthesizer here and there. I've got to write the words and melody (which usually just comes to me after the words are finished) and then lay down the vocal tracks. The first song has already been mixed. I hope I can get everything mixed and mastered and ready to burn by Thursday and mailed by Friday. I haven't designed an insert yet, but I hope I'll be able to get to work on that tomorrow.

I haven't compiled the "Jim Shelley Top 25 Songs of the Month" for a while and many visitors to this site seem to enjoy the list, so here's the latest from Apple Music (this doesn't include Spotify or any other streaming services):

1. Shampoo (Yeah...I didn't see that one coming either!)
2. Intro To FA (Ditto)
3. La La La La La La La (She's A Punk Rock Grrrl)
4. (I'm Glad I'm Not A) Rock Star
5. My World Turned To Black
6. Placebo (TOWARD THE ESCAPE version)
7. So Tired (TTE version)
8. Killing Time Again (TTE version)
9. Blue Man (TTE version)
10. Never Be Like You (SPLENDID TRIGGER version)
11. To Dream A New Dream (TTE version)
12. Fade (TTE version)
13. Marzipan Day (TTE version)
14. Never Be Like You (TTE version)
15. River Of Blood (TTE version)
16. The Nothing (TTE version)
17. Shake My Tree (THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS version)
18. Who Is He Crushing Now? (TIYBOK version)
19. Fade To Fall (TIYBOK version)
20. The Shape Of Your Eyes Go 'Round My Heart (THE STRANGE ONE version)
21. Different Story (Christmas Mix)
22. Different Story
23. You Burn And You Know It
24. Run Vanish
25. Never Be Like You (Detritus version)

Somebody's been listening to TOWARD THE ESCAPE! Good! That's a hell of an album.

The Top Ten BOK albums of the month according to Apple Music:

1. Different
2. In My Room: The Best Of Book Of Kills, Volume One
3. Toward The Escape
4. This Is Your Book Of Kills
5. Detritus (Deluxe Edition)
6. So Far In Every Direction
7. Saint Judas
8. Wee Jim's Blackeye
9. Don't Stop The Scream
10. The Haunted life