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Wish I Was One of the Cool Kids

Well, I finally got the drum track recorded for song #1/single #10. Monday I hope to get a lot more done.

From a Washington Post review of the book YOU MAY ALSO LIKE by Tom Vanderbilt:

"Vanderbilt makes a convincing argument about the tyranny of popularity in determining our choices [concerning what we like or don't like]. We like things better when we become more familiar with them--whether it's a vegetable, a painting, or a tune. Things that are popular tend to get more so. You'd think that having access to millions of songs on Spotify would give less-renowned bands a chance, but you'd be wrong. 'The route to the top of the charts has in theory gotten more democratic, less top-down, more unpredictable...But the hierarchy of popularity at the top, once established, is steeper than ever. In 2013, it was estimated that the top 1 percent of music acts took home 77 percent of all music income.'"

“Do not yearn to be popular; be exquisite. Do not desire to be famous; be loved. Do not take pride in being expected; be palpable, unmistakable.” -- C. JoyBell C

“Many people seek popularity and want everyone to know their name. It’s not important for everyone to know your name, it’s important that some of the people you know don’t forget your name.”-- Ron Baratono

“Whether you try too hard to fit in or you try too hard to stand out, it is of equal consequence: you exhaust your significance.”-- Chris Jami

“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self." -- Cyril Connolly

“I am not one of those weak-spirited, sappy Americans who want to be liked by all the people around them. I don’t care if people hate my guts; I assume most of them do. The important question is whether they are in a position to do anything about it. My affections, being concentrated over a few people, are not spread all over Hell in a vile attempt to placate sulky, worthless shits.” -- William S. Burroughs

Here's a fact I'll bet you didn't know: Japan is now the largest recorded music market in the world, thanks largely to strong CD, record, tape, and rental sales. You know how Spotify, among others, kept telling us that the absence of major manufacturing overhead, shipping, and brick-n-mortar retailers will drastically reduce costs and pave the way for greater revenues and incomes for musicians? Yeah. Right. Bullshit. Spotify is going to make Spotify lots of cash. Even the greatest fan seldom streams a song enough times to equal the royalty of a single iTunes Store download.