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Why I Am Quitting Spotify...

As you know, I've always been a bit wary of streaming services such as Spotify. They pay most of their artists extremely low royalties (downloading just one BOK song on iTunes would would result in a higher payment for me than if you streamed that same song ONE HUNDRED TIMES on Spotify!), they've been rumored time and again to be guilty of very shady accounting practices, and they don't always treat their users very well. I recently found this story. If you use Spotify, you might find it interesting:

"Why I Have To Quit Spotify"

If you're interested in a brief article about how Spotify pays the artists it streams (some musicians such as Thom Yorke refuse to let Spotify stream their music in protest over their pathetically low royalty rate) check out this article:

"Spotify Reveals How Much, Or How Little, It Pays Per Stream"

If you have begun to tire of my rants about how little musicians are paid and wonder why I spend so much time on bookofkills.com focused on this subject, consider this (again...I've made the point before): Anyone who says they don't care about getting paid for their musical creations is either lying or a hopelessly bad musician making hopelessly bad music. In this world (I don't know what the situation's like on other planets), unfortunately the true measure of your ultimate worth and success as a creator of music is measured by how many people are willing to pay to listen to you. If no one (or almost no one) out of the 7-8 billion people on Earth cares enough to even pay 6/10ths of a cent to stream one of your songs, then...really...what does that say about your music? Oh, you can argue that you don't make money from your songs because no one knows about them, right? But what then does that say about your estimation of your own music's worth? Get my drift? You can argue that money is meaningless to you and that you create art for the sake of creating art, but I think for most people (if not all of them) guilty of that sentiment what they're really doing is rationalizing away the pain of their lack of success. Artists create art so that others can enjoy it or be challenged by it or whatever.  What they don't do is create art so that it can be ignored. That's bullshit. And only fools work for nothing.

Anyway, download some Book Of Kills music off iTunes or CDBaby or whatever download store you prefer. My music is good. And I don't want to be ignored.