Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


What a blast the show was last night! From start to finish, we were on fire with that unique energy and an indefinable, elusive quality that I've never been quite able to describe, from start to finish. A great, enthusiastic crowd showed up, in spite of a $10 door charge (which I'm not criticizing...it's just that it's tough to get anyone to come out and see local bands free, let alone for a cover fee).

I hope we can add 3-4 new songs some time in the future. And I hope we can line up a gig in Harrisonburg since a lot of people have asked me when BOK will play in the city. Hope they show up when we finally do play!

I recorded the whole show and I'll be uploading it in the next couple days. Hope you enjoy it in all its primitive, fractured, glorious freaking glory.