Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


Well, I found another couple of versions or, rather, mixes of "If I Should Fall" but really there's not much else, so I guess I'll include an interesting early track of that song on the CDBaby version of IF I SHOULD FALL and that'll be it as far as unreleased stuff goes. I do have a cool remix of "Jefferson Fresh", but that hardly counts as new. So, if you've got the old CD or the CD re-release (which is the best version of that particular album) or you've downloaded it in the past, I don't know that you're gonna be missing out on anything.

Surprisingly, I did find a very early take (from 1999) of "Carry On" (the released version of which was recorded in 2003 and first appeared on the box set ADVENTURES OF AN INSPIRED AMATEUR) that's sorta interesting. It's super fast but very rough and probably was either a demo or a recording I simply abandoned early on. If I ever release WELCOME TO CONCRETE on CDBaby, it'll show up on that E.P. because according to the date on the tape it was done in the middle of the WTC sessions.