Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Weekend Practice

George, Jane, Pablo and I practiced for about an hour and a half Saturday afternoon. It was great fun and we got a lot done in that short amount of time. In response to requests for photos, I might take some in the near future when all five of us are together. We'll see...

I talked to Gary Bugg Sunday. He's very excited about what is turning into an epic party. I've posted, as I'm sure you've already noticed, a link to information about that day. You're invited, so if you want to see Fear + Whiskey (with Dusty Bugg on drums!), Book Of Kills (with Dusty, Brian Temples on bass, and George Nipe on guitar!) and Book Of Kills (with Jane and Casey Firkin, and George...yeah, he's in all three bands I'll be playing with), check out the information.