Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

We Have Upload! (But Not CD)

It took a few more hours (the first track...the most complicated...took close to two hours by itself) but I finally got all eight songs finished and uploaded to CDBaby; they'll do their thing and then 'll give them the final thumbs up and they'll begin distribution of the "new" E.P. The mixes are really quite different from the originals; in fact, I even found I had to re-record a few bits and pieces of a couple tracks. I also found a few things that I'd buried in the original mixes that I forgot were there! 

I did not, however, get the members-only CD completed. You may recall that the old PC I still use for designing CD inserts crashed not too long ago. Well, apparently after re-installing all the old programs, some of them simply don't work anymore. So I have to figure out a way to make inserts with some other software. I would hope that won't take too long. The CD will feature the outtake I alluded to in an earlier post. This track won't be available other than on the CD.