Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


It rained like a son of a gun Saturday afternoon and into the evening. We took the stage at 7 P.M. in a raging downpour, yet that didn't appear to discourage a hardy group of souls who were determined to enjoy an evening of homemade, honest to gosh rock and roll music. By the time we had finished our set, the rains had dissipated and the rest of the night was water-free, discounting the mud, of course. But let's face it...mud and rock and roll have always made for good companions going back at least to the original Woodstock festival. It only made a memorable night more memorable. We had a great time and I think everyone who came to see Book Of Kills featuring Casey and Jane Firkin, George Nipe, Pablo Olivieri and me had a great time, too. Our hour on the stage seemed to flash by in a moment. Afterward, we all agreed that we wanted to continue the band, at least for the near future. I am already eagerly looking forward to the next practice and a second gig somewhere down the road.

The recording of our gig (as always) didn't turn out nearly as well as I'd hoped it would but it's certainly listenable. Because of the rain, I had to put the recorder/microphones on a mike stand right in front of the band just beneath the tent under which we performed and inside of the p.a. speakers, meaning once again the vocals are nearly buried, though that's not as big a problem this time as in times past. Actually the songs featuring my vocals (and George's and Casey's) came through fairly well. Unfortunately, Jane's vocals are almost completely indecipherable on at least two of her songs. I have already mastered the recordings but I haven't made mp3's of them yet for uploading. That should happen in a day or two.