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Uploading Another Album Soon!

Nice quotation from a longer essay ("Letter To A Young Songwriter") by Mary Gauthier...

"You must learn how to reject acceptance and accept rejection. People’s opinions of you and your work are irrelevant. The search for love and applause has no place in the creative process. Here is what I know: thriving artists suffer from a feeling of inferiority, a feeling of reaching for something that keeps being just outside our grasp. We make contact with it, and then it turns to smoke. It cannot be held. So our work involves a constant striving. Those that don’t know this feeling are pretending to be close to art and live in secret fear of the aloneness of the deep creative process. Art requires audacity, and if you are not afraid, you are not taking risks. You will simply skim the surface and offer the world nothing new. Ultimately, your songs will not matter."

I'll be uploading another album to CDBaby, iTunes, Slacker Radio, Amazon, Spotify, and all the other usual music sites that offer downloading and streaming. I'm debating whether it'll be 1991's FOR THE GOOD OF THE CAUSE or 1992's DON'T STOP THE SCREAM. Both were milestone albums for me for various reasons. Right now, I'm leaning towards DON'T STOP THE SCREAM. Regardless of which I choose for now, the one I don't choose will eventually be available as well. It should be available next week.

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