Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Top BOK Downloads

Though it has been a few months since I last checked, I thought I'd see what the top BOK/Jim Shelley downloads have been for October. I'm always surprised by what I find. This month a song that was a complete tossed off afterthought and one that I wrote and recorded probably in a couple hours is the number one download. I'll never understand how one song becomes popular and another doesn't. Anyhow, according to Apple Music this is the BOK Top 25 for the month: (1) The Shape of Your Eyes Goes Round My Heart; (2) And No One's Laughing Anymore; (3) The Night John Lennon Died; (4) Lost (Band Version); (5) Kisses of the Crying Cooks; (6) Hello Teenage America; (7) Never Be Like You (Detritus); (8) Swing Shift; (9) Never Be Like You (Towards the Escape); (10) Glass Turns to Sand; (11) Different Story; (12) Jesco White (Studio Version); (13) Negative Creep; (14) Yeah Yeah Yeah; (15) Fade (Toward the Escape); (16) River of Blood (Live); (17) Mexican Buzzsaw: (18) Who is He Crushing Now?; (19) Different Story (Christmas Version); (20) Never Ending; (21) Can't Pin That On Me; (22) Run Vanish; (23) Before This Shithouse Burns; (24) Killing Time Again (Band Version); (25) Don't Stop the Scream (Live).

Weird, eh? Glad to see stuff like "Hello Teenage America", "And No One's Laughing Anymore", and "Different Story" on the list. But really surprised to see songs such as "Swing Shift" and "Who is He Crushing Now?" on there. It's nice, despite the fact that I'll never have a big audience, to know that there are some discerning folks in the world who like music that's adventurous and emotional and...well...different.

"There is always a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity. In every generation the least cultivated taste has the largest appetite." -- Paul Gauguin