Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

To The Rest Go The Dregs


Someone asked me a couple days ago why I didn't have any decent photos of the Dave & Brian Buracker era Book of Kills. I thought that questions probably should be answered on this blog page since there might be other folks who've wondered the same thing at one time or another. The answer is simple: I don't have any good photos of that band. In fact, I think I have four or five photos total from that band's existence. If you have photographs that you'd like to digitize and send me that would be swell. But, honestly, I've stopped making public appeals for BOK-oriented photographs, recordings, and videos (even though I know that there's a good bit of that stuff out there) because no one ever sends me anything. I've even talked to several people face-to-face who've told me they had video or photographs of BOK playing live (particularly from 1994-2000) that they'd send me, but no one ever has. Bummer.

I had an inexplicable bout with severe vertigo yesterday that has carried over today (though I'm feeling much better now) and I only managed to record about 15 seconds of a new song yesterday before I crapped out and went to bed. It's pretty unlikely that I'll do anything today either. I have spent a little time combing through old USB sticks, trying to locate a few unreleased live performances with no luck so far.

It's worth noting that on this day in 1965, The Doors recorded their first-ever demos (of seven Jim Morrison songs) in Los Angeles.

"Today, with the music industry in fiscal crisis, there is an all-or-nothing ambience: Being a mid-level or niche artist seems like an unsustainable career plan. As in the economy as a whole, as Chris Molanphy pointed out in Slate last year, the musical 1 percent take the spoils and to the rest go the dregs." -- Carl Wilson (not THAT Carl Wilson)