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This Is Why I Did the Single of the Month Club

When I decided to start an all new Single of the Month Club back in August of 2015, I mainly did so as a way to "force" myself into writing and recording new material. It's not as though I hadn't been at least moderately productive since my last big run of 2005-2008 (when I released I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE, DIFFERENT, THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS, the seven disc box set ADVENTURES OF AN INSPIRED AMATEUR, TOWARD THE ESCAPE, THE MONKEY CLAUS SESSIONS, THE FEAR + WHISKEY ANTHOLOGY, and various singles and E.P.'s), but it was six years in between THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS and RIDING THE ECHO DOWN (the last two proper BOK albums) and I just felt like I needed something to stir the creative juices.

As you know, I never imagined I'd actually produce 12 singles, but somehow I did...though it did take me 13 months to do it. That encompassed 50+ new or previously unreleased tracks. So what have I done since then? Well, I've found it difficult to even decide what I'm going to release through CDBaby. It's been almost a month since they notified me it was time to upload another album to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and all the other usual suspects and I haven't really even managed to come close to a decision. I've even been unconscionably slow about figuring out what songs I want George and Garfield to listen to as far as beginning the development of a setlist.

Heck...I've even gotten a bit lax again about regularly updating this website, though we all know my update energy comes and goes in regular cycles. I'll get my act together. It's just gonna take me a while, I guess. Maybe a year of constantly thinking about music burned me out more than I supposed?

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