Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

This And That...

Some visitors to the site seem a little confused about the Ike Sours tracks on the audio page. I recorded Ike a few weeks ago at the old BOK practice space at George Nipe III's house. About the only logical way we could come up with as far as giving Ike the opportunity to hear mixes (since he lives about 30 miles away) without sending CDs through the mail or one of us driving to the other's house was posting MP3s of the recordings on bookofkills.com. I guess you're welcome to download them. Ike hasn't said otherwise. Certainly you're welcome to listen to them.

Speaking of George, I jammed with him (on drums) a couple days ago. Nothing is going to come of it but it did make me wonder if I might enjoy putting some sort of version of Book Of Kills together for a last go-round. I don't know. I'm getting to the point where it's a bigger hassle than it might be worth to go through the trials of finding players who'd be interested in playing in a BOK line-up, as well as finding places to play, practice, etc. I was surprised at how rusty I was the evening George and I jammed.

Still no new news on the alleged new BOK album. I haven't written or recorded anything in weeks. There will be at least one more BOK album, or at least a release (or releases) in one form or another, but when is completely up in the air.

Thank you for streaming and/or downloading BOK songs on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Rdio, and so on.