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According to a new CDBaby article, the so-called Millennials like music more than I ever did! Hmm. Interesting read. Go here if you'd like to know more. And remember...knowing is half the battle!

I'm still working off and on (mainly off) on the eleventh song, which I think is entitled "Once". As I wrote previously it's mostly done, but the track just needs a few extra somethings that I haven't come up with yet. Mary Lou has been off this week, so I really haven't done much of anything musically. Next week, I'll be keeping my grandson(s) a good part of the day, so that week won't be very productive either. The good news? I have started printing the image side of the compact discs. I'm thinking by mid-June we're gonna see a new BOK album. But...hey! You know it's not like I've been sitting on my hands since 2008's THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF KILLS, you know! I've released TOWARD THE ESCAPE (2009) which features George Nipe III and Mike Hicks, along with yours truly, in performing some incendiary takes on some old BOK faves as well as some excellent new stuff. And then there are the two singles from January and February of 2010. And the monumental collection of unreleased BOK/Jim Shelley material from September 2010 which had something like almost 30 freaking songs on it! And there's Fear + Whiskey's BONA FIDE from June 2011. And THE PLEASURES OF SAYING GOODBYE, which was a much better album of BOK originals than just about anyone ever gave credit for it, which dropped in January of 2012. And then the comprehensive anthology of Fear + Whiskey studio and live performances that I compiled and released in August of 2013! Jeez Louise! My "off-time" would be most musician's career busiest release schedule! And after this new record is finished, I'll continue work on the next one. 

As always, thank you for streaming and downloading Book Of Kills songs on Spotify, Slacker, iTunes, and whatever service you use. While it doesn't amount to much in the way of money, it's meaningful to me that you care about the music. Thanks.