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Third Song Completed...Onto a Fourth...and a Fifth...and...?

I wrote and recorded a third song yesterday morning. Now I'm sort of antsy to create one more super keen CD single with not three or four but (I think) SEVEN tracks! And a really good insert of four or five pages. I have the fourth song pretty much written but I haven't started on it. With the Labor Day holiday coming this weekend, I doubt I'll have more than a couple days in the next 7-8 to work on music.

I have the design of the insert for this last single completely planned out, but (surprise) I haven't had time yet to do much work on it. All in all, single #12 will be a nice way to end the series. Especially for me since I make music that I'd like to hear. Anyone else who wants to listen to the stuff I create, well, that's just gravy, eh? (And in that regards, I can't thank those few of you who subscribed enough for your love and support. You are directly and solely responsible for the creation of 50+ new BOK recordings! And thanks, of course, also goes to all of you who continue to stream BOK stuff on Apple Music, Spotify, and the myriad other music services.)

If I do expand the single to six or seven tracks, that means I probably wouldn't mail it until late September. I don't know...I guess if folks have waited this long, another two or three weeks isn't anything.

Looking forward to next Friday when Apple releases the long out of print 1977 live Beatles album. I was hoping they would expand it (they're adding four "new" songs to the running order but inexplicably simply adding them to the end of the album after the encore, rather than integrating them into the whole set), but Apple seldom does what I'd do with their re-releases of Beatles material. If you want to hear what a Beatles album re-issue should be, check out Purple Chick's releases pre-2009! I still listen to them rather than the official CDs. For instance, this is Apple's re-release of REVOLVER:

Eleanor Rigby
I'm Only Sleeping
Love You To
Here, There and Everywhere
Yellow Submarine
She Said, She Said
Good Day Sunshine
And Your Bird Can Sing
For No One
Want To Tell You
Dr. Robert
Got To Get You Into My Life
Tomorrow Never Knows

Not bad. One of the four or five greatest rock records ever. But this is Purple Chick's re-release of REVOLVER:


1: Paperback Writer
2: Rain


3: Taxman
4: Eleanor Rigby
5: I'm Only Sleeping
6: Love You To
7: Here, There and Everywhere
8: Yellow Submarine
9: She Said, She Said
10: Good Day Sunshine
11: And Your Bird Can Sing
12: For No One
13: Dr. Robert
14: I Want To Tell You
15: Got To Get You Into My Life
16: Tomorrow Never Knows

alternate stereo mixes

17: I'm Only Sleeping (US mix)
18: And Your Bird Can Sing (US mix)
19: Dr. Robert (US mix)
20: Paperback Writer (Anthology video)
21: Rain (Anthology video)
22: Eleanor Rigby (Y.S. Songtrack)
23: Love You To (Y.S. Songtrack)
24: Yellow Submarine (Y.S. Songtrack)
25: For No One (Anthology DVD)
26: Paperback Writer (Anthology DVD)
27: Rain (Anthology DVD)

(And the original release also included a monaural version of the record with a bunch of additional rare tracks! THAT'S the way Apple should treat these wonderful albums the Beatles released from 1963-1970.