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Things I'm Writing To Keep This Blog Semi-Current

As you probably know, I rarely go back and listen to anything I record once I'm done with it. However, I didn't remember the songs on I ROAM THE WORLD BETWEEN, which was single #5 in the Book of Kills Single of the Month Club. I gotta say that's a pretty good four song E.P. Lord knows, I put a shitload of work into it. But the thing that strikes me most about it is the emotion running through each of the tracks. You're really missing out on some decent BOK material if you haven't subscribed to the club.

Not sure when I'll start on the next disc (#9!) but it'll feature at least one cover song (most likely something by Arthur Lee.)

Saw EX MACHINA for the first time last evening with my brother George, George Nipe III and a friend of his. Really good film. We actually sat there afterwards discussing what we'd just seen for a while, which is definitely not something I do too much these days.

The Beatles began sessions for 1966's REVOLVER--maybe the super coolest album of all time--on this day. Incredibly, the first thing they recorded was the mind-blowing "Tomorrow Never Knows". Did you ever see the episode of MAD MEN where Don Draper plays the song for the first time? Great scene and a great use of Beatles music for cinematic purposes. I still recall the first time I listened to REVOLVER for the first time (as opposed to the first time I listened to it the second time.)