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There are two types of musicians...

Wow. I'm always surprised when I kind of forget to update the page for a while how many days slip away between posts.

Interesting quotation from Nick Launay (producer/engineer for Lou Reed, Arcade Fire, INXS, Talking Heads, PiL, Midnight Oil, and many others): 

"I think there are two types of musicians: The first are the ones who go to school and learn how to technically play their chosen instrument. The second are the type that just feels music and does the best they can with their instruments to express what they feel, learning along the way and driven mostly by the mood they want to achieve. I prefer the second type. I find that musicians who have been taught the 'proper way' tend not to experiment as much because in the the teaching they were given rules. Most great musicians who inspire us often don't know exactly what the chords they are playing are called. Much to my surprise and delight, I found even someone as famous for their skills as Eric Clapton didn't know what chords he was playing when asked by other musicians in the room. I think it's true to say that some people, like Johnny Marr and Warren Ellis, are born into this world with fantastic gifts and dexterity, and with practice their passion of music becomes extraordinary" (from TAPEOP magazine, Jan./Feb. 2015).

It's that time of the year when CDBaby tells me I can upload another of my albums to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and so forth. I won't have time today, since I'm recording, working on listing some antique books, and playing golf with friends later, but I will try to get to it early tomorrow morning. I'll let you know.

I appreciate those who stream BOK songs regularly and who turn their friends on to BOK music. I cannot thank you enough.