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The Walkman Was Born 35 Years Ago Today

I suppose it's worth noting that on this day in 1979 Sony introduced the Walkman (a portable cassette player) to the world. The company sold close to 400 million Walkman units (cassette, mini-disc, CD, digital files) until Apple came along with the iPod and essentially killed Sony's cash cow. Now, of course, Tim Cook is steering Apple away from the iPod and instead focusing on the iPhone as a powerful pocket computer that, oh by the way, even plays music. Too bad. There's still a need for the iPod, if you ask me. But Tim isn't asking me. The good thing is that Neil Young and his Kickstarter supporters are now selling the high resolution PonoPlayer which Neil says will "save the soul of music." I'm no fan of mp3s, as you well know, so I can only applaud any effort to raise the quality level of the music we listen to on our little digital players. I am concerned, however, that the PonoPlayer is apparently going to cost $400 for the most basic, 128 gig, model with high def albums running $15-30 a piece. That sounds like you're making high def music something primarily aimed at the wealthy.

So what's new, eh?

RIDING THE ECHO DOWN is still not available for download on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Slacker, etc. But I am almost certain it will be very soon. Thanks for your patience!