Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

The Singles Club - Discs 1 and 2...

The Book of Kills Singles Club is open! If you've already subscribed, thank you. Your compact disc is already on its way! If you haven't subscribed...remember, you get an ELEVEN track CD of all new BOK music this month, plus 5 or 11 (depending upon the duration of your subscription) more CD singles! 

Yesterday late, I really got a handle on where I was going on the new song I'm working on for the second BOK Singles Club disc which will be released the third week of September. It could be wrapped today, if I find the time and inspiration.

I am thinking now that I might expand the second single to five, or even six, songs, including the two unused recordings from the HUMAN AGAIN sessions, the new composition, and POSSIBLY a demo or two from the recording sessions for 2007's DIFFERENT, plus POSSIBLY an unreleased live BOK recording. I want to stress POSSIBLY. Right now the single will feature three tracks. I hope to include more. The DIFFERENT demos are pretty decent with relatively good sound. Unfortunately, many of the demos from that time no longer exist.