Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

The Pleasures Of Saying Goodbye Has Gone To The Presses

THE PLEASURES OF SAYING GOODBYE has been finalized and is on its way to the usual online stores. I don't really have any plans to sell the album as a compact disc, but if you really really wanted one, I suppose I could come up with some new artwork and burn you an album. Let me know. If there are enough people who ask for one, I might go ahead and do a limited run.

Thanks to those of you who've subscribed to Book of Kills at Number 1 Music. I'll be honest...I didn't even remember having any dealings with this company until a young woman emailed me last week to tell me that she really liked BOK and intended to buy an album of mine to say thanks. I only had one song, "Caroline", on the site, so I uploaded another one ("Pineapple Dog") and that almost immediately got a whole lot more interest and positive response. So then I put up "Stanley the Steamer". That didn't get as much notice as "Caroline" or "Pineapple Dog" but it's starting to pick up steam now. I really don't know exactly what N1M does other than let people listen to your music free but it has been fun corresponding to folks who've recently discovered Book of Kills and have offered their thoughts on the music.