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The Only Reward For Making A Record

Nice long quotation from Ian Svenonius (previously of The Nation Of Ulysses and Chain and the Gang, among many other bands):

"I grew up in this era where there were institutionalized rockers and all the other groups bubbling up underneath. The narrative presented an ecosystem that made a lot of sense. And one of the positive things that the internet did was demolish that idea.

Otis Redding is a great example...now it's revealed that there were apparently 500,000 amazing soul singles produced by people that nobody ever heard of. So 600,000 bands on the internet is what's always been happening.

When you're in rock-and-roll, everyone is embittered. Even Pete Townshend is angry because he's misunderstood. He got to sell 50 million records, or whatever, but nobody gets 'Pinball Wizard'. That why I collect old 45 singles. When you see all these talented people who had better ideas and were completely ignored, it's a reality check.

And now, even if you only sell 500 records, that's actually really great. You should be really glad that anybody cares. The only reward to making a record is making the record, not if some [newspaper] intern writes about it."

From the May 11, 2014 edition of the Sunday Washington Post.